Wooden kitchen and bathroom cabinets: Ways to repaint them

One of the very good way to bring a new look to kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be through repainting it by choosing another color. With this you can give a two tone impact which looks clean as well as graceful.

This is one of the fundamental methods of enhancing the cabinets and so wood repainting is being done by many experts of this field. You will be able to add polish with this along with adding color and texture to the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Following are few important steps, you need to follow while doing this. First and the foremost is that you will have to empty the kitchen and Bathroom Vanity. Once done with this you will be able to paint from both the sides. This would also allow you to carry out things appropriately.

After this you need to choose the color for repainting. There are mainly 2 kinds of coloring options available for you. You will require two colors for painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets, one will be the base coat and the glaze. At the time of buying latex you should consider buying oil based ones. This would provide great durability to the item. You should make it a point that you choose colors that mix well with one another as when the painting is completed it will look well designed and stylish. You can paint in some squares if you are not able to know the color combinations.

You should get started with preparing kitchen and bathroom cabinets same as you would do for any other thing. If there is any cracked corner, you should remove the dust and other tiny particles to leave a plain facade for painting. After doing this, you should sweep the floor properly to get a dirt free base for painting. Once you have removed all the things kept in the cabinet makes sure that the sides of cabinets are also cleared off. Using more color for the base becomes important when the kitchen or bathroom cabinets are dark in color.

In case you want to work somewhere else then use a screwdriver and remove these kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors…

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