Who killed Amy Gellert? Help solve a 23-year-old Florida cold case

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[This story first aired on March 14, 2015. It was updated on June 17, 2017]

You could help solve a cold case. Investigators need more evidence and it could come from you. Maybe you know some of the suspects or maybe you’ll just notice a vital clue to this brutal murder that investigators somehow missed.

There’s no day more difficult for Bunny Lehton than March 20, the anniversary of her daughter’s murder.

“… just a bad day all the way around,” she told “48 hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty. “I always think about tomorrow … life will be better.”

“48 Hours”

Bunny Lehton hasn’t let fear force her out of her home, but continues to grieve along with her husband, Bob, and her two sons – Amy’s older brothers, Mark and Ryan.

“It just doesn’t end, man. It keeps on going,” said Mark Gellert.

“It’s been tough,” Ryan Geller said. “…and I think it’s just changed us all profoundly as a family and individually.”

“It’s hard to think about her, isn’t it?” Moriarty asked.

“Yeah, it’s–” Ryan Gellert said, choking up.

It’s even harder to think about the events of the night of March 20, 1994.

“I see Amy at church. And she says, ‘I’ll be home soon,'” Bunny Lehton said. “We go home and we’re early.”

Bunny and Bob Lehton returned from church to find a masked intruder in their Cocoa Beach, Florida, home.

“I see the man step into the room. And he’s completely disguised,” Bunny Lehton told Moriarty. “And then I saw that he had — a dagger and a gun.”

The couple was forced by the intruder to crawl on their hands and knees from the kitchen to the living room. While they lay on the floor, the Lehtons say, the intruder began pacing.

“I sensed, and Bob sensed, that he was waiting for a ride,” said Bunny Lehton.

She says everything changed after “…I saw the lights coming down the driveway.”

“And I saw the lights coming down the driveway,” Bunny Lehton continued, “He panicked ……

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