Who Can Be Held Liable To Get The Burn Injury Claim?

We are surrounded by the conditions and mediums where we can encounter with the burn injuries such as kitchen, chemical labs, industries etc. These injuries are very painful leaving behind the unpleasant scars even permanent physical disfigurement making you unable to work anymore. And when you are not responsible for your such injuries, then it becomes emotionally and psychologically painful too. It can be categorized as first, second and third degree levels.


Some Common Burn Injuries


Thermal: The burns are caused by the flames or fire, steam, hot liquids like water, coffee, oil, and grease. Contacting with the hot metal, plastic, glass, etc. It can be very deep and severe. Explosions of natural gas, propane, gasoline causing intense heat for a brief time can be dangerous.


Chemical: These are caused by liquid, solid, or gas form chemicals. Chemicals omit powerful and potent fumes, if inhaled, can burn more than just the skin burning the inside of the lung.


Electrical: These are very difficult to judge because they do not only harm externally but also internally too. Such are caused by either AC or DC current. Current more than or less than 1000 volts and lighting are the mediums of electrical burns.


Radio-logical: Alpha, beta or gamma radiation can cause severe burns and to stop further harm to the body some advanced treatment are needed.


Filing a Lawsuit against the Defendant Party – Before filing a lawsuit against the defendant party, it is crucial to know that to get the compensation it is necessary to prove the negligence of the guilty party based on the few elements such as –

  • Your burn is a direct result of other party’s negligence.
  • The defendant has a duty of care towards the plaintiff, but failed to fulfill his or her duty.
  • The defendant’s violation was the real, immediate cause of the plaintiff’s damage.

Who Can Be Liable?

  • Companies that manufactured the equipment that caused the burn. For…

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