Where Can I Learn Real Self Defense

Do you feel unsafe on the street? Do you sometimes have to pass through rough neighbourhoods? Do you wish there was someway you could protect yourself from violence? Maybe you have tried to answer the question: Where can I learn real self defense?

Imagine the releif you would feel if you were no longer helpless in the hands of a villain. If you knew a few messages and strategies that would stop even toughest attackers (or even mulitple attackers) from causing you any harm. Life would be easier wouldn’t it? If you knew there was a way of stopping an attacker and escape to safety within a few seconds time.

It is possible to learn real selfdefense, the kind that really will help you out of a bad situation, even if the attacker is much bigger and stronger than you. And lets face it, he always is. An attacker will always look for an advantage. Why would he attack a guy who is 6 foot 5 and weighs 300 pounds when he can attack a woman who might weigh 120 pounds?

So  the attacker will always be either bigger than you, armed, or there will several of them. So what do you do? There are ways of stopping even the fiercest of attackers with very little force.  Even you are not very big or strong. It is simply a question of knowing what to do and then simply “do it”.

You see, every human being has got weak spots (the groin or the eyes are couple of examples) and if you can reach and strike those weak spots you can disable any attacker. It goes without saying that a finger in the eye will always hurt and not much strength is required  to do that. But there are so many other weak spots on the body so no matter what you can always reach at least one of them.

No fancy stuff is needed. We are just talking about very basic simple and effective self defense, fancy martial arts movements will not work when you are in the extremly stressful situation of being attacked, therefore any methods used to defend yourself must be simple and easy to learn.
Like mentioned, an attack will…

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