Wheel tax would end special assessment fees that cost homeowners

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Green Bay City Council will take up the wheel tax issue again on Tuesday to be able to repave more roads, and if it passes, homeowners will no longer be surprised with the financial burden of thousands of dollars in special assessment fees.

Currently, if you live in a residential area in Green Bay, the city can decide that the road you live on needs to be repaved, and will send you a bill between hundreds to thousands of dollars in what is called special assessment fees.

“A typical assessment probably runs between $1,700 and $2,100,” Green Bay public works director Steve Grenier said. “We’re doing about $1.3 million worth of residential streets every year.”

A wheel tax is what a driver would pay every year when they renew their car’s registration. The city has already considered wheel taxes that range between $10 to $20. A $15 option may be presented as well.

If the wheel tax is passed, there would be no more special assessment fees sprung on homeowners. The wheel tax would cover both commercial and residential roads.

“The additional thing that we’ll be able to do with a road tax is we’ll be able to increase the amount of roads that we’re resurfacing,” Green Bay alderman Bill Galvin explained. “Currently we resurface about two percent of the roads a year, that’s going to take us…

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