What To Do Now If Your Ex Boyfriend Wants Space

Everybody of us in our lives has experienced a split. We sure do not think about break-ups when we begin a new relationship. We target the positive and cheerful occasions when a relationship is fairly new. With time, issues may occur in any relationship. Here are a couple of tips that will help you in case your boyfriend wants some space. You’re most probably asking yourself, space? What does he mean space? There may be one or two reasons why your boyfriend may need space. It does not necessarily mean there is something you are doing wrong , it might just be he is having personal issues. These private issues may be a current private problem he may be facing at work, family, etc . Insecurity may be a cause that he may desire space or perhaps fear of commitment.

First, you’ve got to gain control of your emotions at about that point. I know this is a shock to you, but you’ve got to remember the word “self-control”. I know this hard to do, especially that you are in love but don’t let your boyfriend take the best of you. Don’t jump right into conclusions or think why he would like space. Ask your boyfriend for clarification on why he wants space. You would like to see the clear picture and the explanation for it before making any choices of your own.

If you do see your boyfriend still communicating, this is a strong indication. He may still have possible feelings for you. Never stop communicating if this is the case. Keep your communication to a nominal though. Don’t make yourself fully available. You want to confirm he realises he lost you. Do bear in mind you do not want to have your wall completely up. Ask him how’s he doing and coping with his situation. This lets him see that you truly care about him and not only focused on your relationship. Self-confidence is the key at that point.

Within time he’s going to start to show signs that he still need you in his life. Though do expect the opposite. He could just want to be friends. You would like to be emotionally be…

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