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Queen Elizabeth II will read out the Queen’s Speech at about 11.30am during the ceremonial State Opening of Parliament tomorrow (Wednesday June 21). 

The Queen’s Speech was moved from yesterday to tomorrow as the Prime Minister seeks to strike a deal with the DUP in order to get enough support for the speech. 

Elizabeth II will read out the speech from the throne in the House of Lords in front of peers, MPs, ambassadors, judges and high commissioners. 

The speech will set out the agenda for the coming year and is expected to include new legislation related to Brexit, immigration and counter-terrorism.

Theresa May is likely to water down domestic reforms in the Conservative manifesto because she would struggle to get the proposals though the hung parliament. 

After the State Opening of Parliament, MPs will be sworn in and will begin to debate the Queen’s Speech agenda during the first session in the afternoon. 

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to vote down the Queen’s Speech in a bid to oust Mrs May by upending her plans to form a minority government with support from the DUP. 

MPs will not get a chance to back or vote down the Queen’s Speech until votes in the House of Commons next week. 

A number of Tory MPs are also reportedly ready to oust Mrs May if it looks like she will lose votes in the Commons on Wednesday June 28 and Thursday June 29. 

One former cabinet minister told the Daily Express: “The critical moment is June 28 and June 29 when there are votes on the Queen’s Speech. If it looks like they will be lost, you ave to strike.” 

In past years, MPs have voted to rumberstamp the Queen’s Speech on the sixth and final day of the Queen’s Speech debate. 

A House of Commons spokeswoman today said: “The timetable for the debates following this year’s Queen’s Speech is still to be confirmed.” 

Timetable for the State Opening of Parliament 

11.23 The Queen and Prince Philip arrive at the Palace of Westminster

11.27 The Queen enters the Royal…

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