Vet Offers Tips for Winter Horse Care

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Keeping horses active with proper nutrition during winter months is essential to maintaining their health.

Winter can be hard on horses, from the cold temperatures to the close quarters of the barn. “Regardless of your horse’s job – be it competition or pleasure – keeping him active with proper nutrition during winter months is essential to maintaining his health during the off-season,” says Jennifer Kasten, DVM, technical services veterinarian for Tomlyn® Veterinary Science (

Dr. Kasten highlights four ways to help benefit your horse’s health and well-being during the cold weather:

Keep Moving: Fall and winter months are an important time for your competition horse to recover and condition in preparation for the next season, so keeping him moving is key. Have your horse walk forward with impulsion for 20-30 minutes per day to maintain joint mobility and strengthen his muscles. This can be performed in a number of ways such as arena riding, lungeing or using a hot-walker or an underwater treadmill if you have access to one.

Stretch Out: Stretching exercises can help increase flexibility and rage of motion, improve performance and help prevent injuries. Speak with your veterinarian on which stretching exercises are most appropriate and beneficial for your horse.

Supplement for Health:

  • To provide further support for your horse’s joints, consider adding a supplement such as Tomlyn Equistro® Artphyton to his regimen. “Equistro Artphyton contains key ingredients to contribute to your horse’s all around joint health,” says Dr. Kasten. “Glucosamine and devil’s claw in the product help support…

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