Vaughn College Announces New Strategic Partnerships to Benefit Students

Vaughn College provides its students with real-world skills to fill in-demand careers in the fields of engineering, technology, management and aviation. Recently, Vaughn College has established new corporate partnerships with several airlines that will benefit students and prepare them for post-graduation employment. Demand for graduates is high with 98 percent employed or continuing their education within one year of graduation, 81 percent in their field.

“Partnerships with the industries that employ our students are a key strength of this institution and the beneficiaries are our graduates,” said Dr. Sharon DeVivo, president of Vaughn. “By staying current with industry needs and asking employers to provide opportunities for current students, we continue to provide a transformational education that changes students’ lives.”

The 2016 Boeing Pilot and Technician Outlook and well as the Airbus Global Market Demand forecasts more than 600,000 commercial pilots and 679,000 maintenance technicians will be needed in the next 20 years.

To provide the next generation of pilots, Cape Air and Nantucket Airlines have developed unique approaches and partnered with Vaughn College on a Preferred Hiring Gateway program, to assist in the selection, training and education of potential new pilots; assist Vaughn with retention of flight instructors; and provide career opportunities for selected pilots. In a similar agreement, ExpressJet has partnered with Vaughn on its Airline Pilot Pathway Program (AP3), a mentorship-based educational program that gives students a highly structured, clear path through college to help future aviators pursue their dream. The program seeks to arm students with the tools and knowledge they need for efficient career advancement beginning with a certified flight instructor to a position that…

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