TwelveStone Health Partners Tackles Pharmacy Services for Chronic Disease

Chronic disease, or ailments that persist over a long period of time, affects half of all Americans. And treating chronic conditions is expensive – 86 percent of the $3 trillion national healthcare bill is spent on treating and managing chronic diseases. With a population that’s living longer than ever, it’s highly likely that figure will only grow, and with it, the tab.

While there are new habits that may be adopted to alleviate some of the symptoms of chronic diseases, medication is usually required to control most chronic diagnoses. As the regional leader in delivering pharmaceutical services and supporting chronic conditions in post-acute environments, TwelveStone Health Partners is stepping forward to offer solutions for patients with more complicated chronic conditions to give them a higher level of support and enhance their health and quality of life. One of the ways TwelveStone is doing this is through MEDIpack, an innovative solution that changes how prescription medications and over-the-counter pills are packaged and delivered to patients.

Patients benefiting from the MEDIpack program receive presorted, individual packages that contain prescription pills, vitamins and supplements – all of which are clearly labeled with the prescribed dosage day and time instructions. These are delivered directly to the patient’s home, eliminating the need for driving to the pharmacy.

“When treating chronic diseases like hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and even cancer, the appropriate dosage of medication on a regular schedule is key for patients to manage their illness and live independently,” says Shane Reeves, PharmD, chief executive officer of TwelveStone. “What we’ve found is that patients often don’t have the support and information they need to…

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