Tumblebit™ from Stratis – a Trustless, Decentralized Privacy Solution for Bitcoin

“To be clear, if you hold 100,000 Stratis, you’ll earn approximately 4-6 Stratis per day” says Krushang Patel, head of communications.

Their thoughts on Tumblebit, including various pros and cons, is as follows:

“If you own 25,000 Stratis or more, you can earn staking rewards. To earn staking rewards (i.e. “free Stratis”), all you have to do is hold 25,000 or more Stratis in your QT (core) wallet, and keep a synchronized full node running on your computer. Although the amount of Stratis you can stake is variable, for each 25,000 Stratis you hold, you’ll stake / earn approximately 1 Stratis per day,” notes Chris Trew, head of Stratis.

“To be clear, if you hold 100,000 Stratis, you’ll earn approximately 4-6 Stratis per day,” says Krushang Patel, head of communications.

Stratis has recently opened up another tier of rewards for holders of 250,000 Stratis or more – masternodes. By running a masternode, users can earn additional benefits above and beyond staking rewards of 12-15 Stratis per day.

Masternode owners can provide a Tumblebit™ service, acting as a Bitcoin tumbler. A Bitcoin tumbler allows users to send or receive Bitcoin in a more anonymous fashion, because their transactions are mixed, or ‘tumbled’ with dozens of other transactions of the same amount and size, obscuring whose Bitcoin came from where and was sent to where.

“Imagine I had a black box, and 20 different people all put in 1 Euro. I shook the box, then told 20 other people to pick out 1 Euro each. Assuming the serial numbers or other identifying information were not previously known (this is far easier with Bitcoin), you couldn’t tell that ‘your’ Euro went to a specific person, but the intended recipient would still receive their 1…

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