• Protesters gather in the rain in Harrisburg, waiting for Trump

  • Trump on tax reform: ‘Not going to help’ rich people

We here in the heart of Pennsyltucky were treated to a miracle on the order of the fishes and loaves Wednesday evening. 

Our president came to town – Harrisburg, anyway – to give a speech, and he made it through about 40 minutes of speaking without saying anything incredibly incredible and not sounding like he’s – in the alleged words of his own secretary of state – a “moron.” (His word, not mine.) 

It had to be incredibly disappointing for the 1,000 people invited to his speaking engagement in a hanger at Harrisburg International Airport. They had come to witness the latest episode of the reality show that our nation has become and it didn’t materialize. They had to be expecting red meat. Instead, they got tofu. 

It was easy to imagine that Wednesday’s event…