Tragedy strikes at viral birthday party

The teenager’s parents accidentally made the invite a public post and by Christmas 1.3 million people had replied — and thousands turned up to Rubi Ibarra Garcia’s 15th birthday in central Mexico’s San Luis Potosi state.

But the celebrations turned to tragedy Monday when Felix Pena, a 66-year-old man who regularly raced horses and worked at a local stable, was trampled during the race, according to the local attorney general.

“I’m not doing it for the money, I’m doing it for the fame and glory,” he had said.

Another man was taken to hospital with a broken leg after falling into the horses’ path.

Medics at the scene say that Pena died en route to the hospital.

It is unclear why he stepped into the line of galloping horses. According to the local authority, an investigation has been opened.

Invite goes viral

Earlier this month, Rubi Ibarra Garcia was just another girl preparing to…

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