ThinkGenetic Combines Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Aid with FDNA’s Face2Gene to Help Undiagnosed Patients Find Answers

“ThinkGenetic is a welcome addition to our global network. Integrating Face2Gene into ThinkGenetic’s patient-focused services provides a comprehensive resource for genetic syndromes.” Dekel Gelbman, CEO, FDNA

ThinkGenetic ( announced today a collaboration with Boston-based FDNA ( to help patients with undiagnosed genetic diseases. The collaboration enables ThinkGenetic to use FDNA’s Face2Gene suite of next-generation phenotyping applications and user network. Use of Face2Gene will complement the ThinkGenetic SymptomMatcherTM web application, which empowers undiagnosed patients by offering a guided self-assessment of symptoms that may match an underlying genetic disease. SymptomMatcher users can do this from the comfort of their homes and discuss the results with their doctors.

There are more than 350 million people globally with chronic symptoms caused by a rare disease, 80% of which are estimated to be genetic. Most remain undiagnosed, with an average of seven years and seven doctors before receiving a correct diagnosis and an answer. ThinkGenetic is shortening this diagnostic odyssey with SymptomMatcher, a resource to help people find possible explanations for symptoms that they or their loved ones are experiencing.

“Our use of Face2Gene will allow our team to access much-needed insights through a secure web solution,” said Dave Jacob, CEO, ThinkGenetic. “We are proud to lead the way with FDNA using advanced technologies to capture clinically valuable patient information, while partnering with healthcare professionals to facilitate medical evaluation and intervention.”

ThinkGenetic SymptomMatcher allows patients to explore possible causes of their undiagnosed symptoms with the help…

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