‘The Santa Clause’ stars Tim Allen, Eric Lloyd share 9 secrets about filming the Christmas classic

Tim Allen put on a Santa suit and became “the big guy,” nearly 25 years ago for the hit Christmas classic, “The Santa Clause.”

But in all that time since, the lead actors still know a few things about the making of the film that beloved fans may not.

Tim Allen, who played Scott Calvin, and Eric Lloyd, who played his son, Charlie, spoke with “20/20” and share some memories from working on the film.

Here are nine things you may not know about “The Santa Clause.”

The Santa Clause movie starring Tim Allen, 1994.

1. Tim Allen says kids still tell him what they want from Santa for Christmas

Allen said that when parents recognize him as his Christmas character during the holidays and mention to their children that he’s “Santa,” some kids will pull him aside for a conversation. He said the kids will ask him to tell Santa what they want or that they’ve been good.

“They’re smart. They know that I’m associated with him,” Allen said, laughing. “They’re almost treating me like they understand there’s a transition process.”

2. Tim Allen’s daughter thought he was the real Santa Claus

The actor let the youngest of his two daughters watch the film when she was 6 years old, with full disclosure that it was just another role for him and nothing more.

Allen said he told her, “’I don’t want you going to school and telling people that your dad’s Santa Claus. I play characters just like the TV shows.’ … And she never skipped a beat. She goes, ‘I knew [there] was something special about you.’”

Allen admitted that he told his daughter he filmed with Santa and consulted with him to learn the part.

3. The way that character Scott Calvin became Santa Claus was changed from the original script

In the movie, Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, hears some noises on his roof so he goes outside to investigate. When he looks up, he sees Santa Claus looking into his chimney, and he shouts up at him, scaring Santa and causing him…

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