The Pac-12 is getting its own channel on SiriusXM Radio, and we have the details

SiriusXM is creating channels for the Pac-12, ACC and SEC. Is it DirecTV? Nope. Is it something? Actually, it’s more than something.

Three weeks ago, the conference announced the creation of the SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio channel. The news was light on details — actually, it was without details — and many specifics remain in TBD mode.

But the development is significant enough to Pac-12 fans that I’ve decided to publish what we know, even if holes remain and the project is weeks, if not months away from launch.

Above all, it’s a triple-victory: A win for the conference, a win for the schools and a win for the fans.

As many know, those stars do not often align in the Pac-12 world.

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It took the conference no time to accept the SiriusXM offer when executives broached the idea with Pac-12 officials last spring. (SiriusXM is also creating conference-branded channels for the ACC and SEC.)

“We said absolutely,’’ recalled deputy commissioner Jamie Zaninovich, who helped coordinate the Pac-12 side of the project. (As we’ll explain, Sirius is leading the way on numerous fronts.)

“It’s phenomenal exposure,” he continued. “It was an opportunity for us to be on a leading national provider in an interesting space. Their user base tracks well with our fans and demographics.”

That SiriusXM user base is “more than 32 million,” according to the company’s website.

It’s unclear exactly what percentage of that subscriber total will have access to the Pac-12 channel. Some legacy equipment (i.e., prior to the Sirius-XM merger) doesn’t receive all channels available through the rebranded company.

That issue, from what I can gather, is the reason the original news release from the Pac-12 indicated the channel would be available “on select SiriusXM satellite radios.” (It will be channel…

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