The gems on a South Africa vacation

Travel in South Africa has always been popular. The destinations have, however gained popularity and world exposure as safari and beach vacation spots. When planning for South Africa travel packages, always think about visiting the important destinations that are on every tourist’s map and include some hidden gems that locals visit. The inclusion of little known destinations on South Africa travel packages will give visitors a chance to see the South Africa that local folks call home.

South Africa travel destinations vary from the popular Kruger National Park to Knysna to lesser known destinations like Beaverlac, Prince’s Grant and Barrydale. The reasons the destinations are popular on South Africa travel packages vary from individual tastes and the attributes attached to the destinations.

Travelers to Knysna love how the weather, the relaxed beach atmosphere and the local cuisine make for a vacation that is rejuvenating to the body and mind. Kruger National Park is another top destination featuring on nearly every South Africa travel wish list. The national park is one of the few pristine protected areas where man is a guest in the animal kingdom. The chance to spot the big five on safari tours is pretty high in the national park. The elephant, the lion, the leopard, the rhino and the buffalo make up the big five that safari tours promise to show. Early mornings and late evenings are held to the best times to witness the majestic animals going about their everyday tasks. The national park, besides being a wildlife sanctuary presents the city weary traveler the rare opportunity of being amidst quiet luxury.

Beaverlac located in the Olifants River Mountains in Western Cape is one of the places that does not feature on top travel itineraries, but is a gem nonetheless. The area is the best place to experience the best of the Western Cape Mountains. Natural rock pools, awe-inspiring hiking and mountain trails and campsites where all the setting up is already…

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