The 2017 BMW M2 Is A Fantastic Car For The Track, Not The Street – Jalopnik

The 2017 BMW M2 is one of the most important cars to come from BMW in, I don’t know, forever. It’s meant to be smaller, more inexpensive and more importantly, more fun than any other BMW you can buy today with an M badge. That’s why, after five minutes into driving it, I wondered why I was so disappointed. But it turns out I was thinking the wrong way.

Lately we’ve been inundated with reviews proclaiming the M2 as some sort of second coming of the Messiah. “A driver’s car for the ages,” blared one. “Perfect,” another. Jeremy Clarkson even put it on his list of “Star Cars” for 2016.

But as we were sitting in it, we were completely confused. Had we been driving the same car? Were we but simple peasants, failing to understand true greatness? The ride was too harsh, the gears were too short, and it sounded too fake.

Yet, everything about it makes sense…

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