Tango in Argentina, Shah Rukh Khan in Bolivia, Incan culture in Peru: South America travel diary – Firstpost

Editor’s note: This is the second in a four-part travelogue series on South America. Read part one — on travelling through Brazil — here.

Open air tango. Vintage markets. Opulent tombstones. Cafes. Parillas.

Laughter and  celebration.

Happy people of the happy-aired city: the literal translation of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires had too many contenders for the first impression, but what struck us most were the shadows.

A 28-hour bus journey had got us from the warm tropics near the Iguazu waterfalls to Argentina, our second country in South America. It had also got us to the southern hemisphere winter. Buenos Aires was where greens started turning to browns. And because shadows meant the cooler side of things, we started running away from them.

If it was cold, it wasn’t welcome. Except for the helados (Spanish for ice cream. Many of our exploration breaks were spent in ice cream…

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