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Virginia Sandstone Crag Opened to Climbing – Rock and Ice Magazine

Friday, June 10th, 2016:

Rock and Ice Magazine Virginia Sandstone Crag Opened to ClimbingRock and Ice MagazineA local climber enjoys shaded cragging at Breaks Interstate Park in southwest Virginia, along the Kentucky line. Photo courtesy of Access Fund. Miles of secluded orange and grey sandstone walls, similar to Tennesee's Obed and West Virginia's New River …Rock climbing open at Breaks Interstate ParkWRICall 2 news articles » Climbing – Google News Daily Mail Missing Briton Aiden Webb mountain climbing in Vietnam found deadDaily MailA British backpacker who told his girlfriend not to call for help when he injured himself climbing a mountain in Vietnam has been found […] Read More →

The Coming Death of Freeware – PC Magazine

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016:

PC Magazine The Coming Death of FreewarePC MagazineFreeware and shareware rode a wave of popularity and success in the 1980s, as providers got rich sitting back and collecting donations for their coding efforts. But over time, the simple model that gave us all sorts of cool utilities, add-ons, and … Shareware – Google News New Kairosoft Game 'Skyforce Unite!' Flies Onto the App StoreTouch ArcadeIt isn't a proper release day on the App Store if a Kairosoft game doesn't drop now and then. Skyforce Unite! [Free] is the newest in their long line of simulation games and appears to be […] Read More →

Astronomers witness a supermassive black hole feeding on cold gas clouds – Astronomy Magazine

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016:

Astronomy Magazine Astronomers witness a supermassive black hole feeding on cold gas cloudsAstronomy Magazine… a major theoretical prediction in recent years, but this is one of the first unambiguous pieces of observational evidence for a chaotic, cold 'rain' feeding a supermassive black hole," said Grant Tremblay, an astronomer with Yale University in a …Astronomers Observe Feeding Habits of Active Black HoleSci-News.comBlack hole deluged by cold intergalactic 'rain'EurekAlert (press release)Cardiff Uni astronomers observe black hole 'feasting'BBC NewsThe Guardian –WalesOnline –MIT Newsall 28 news articles » Astronomy – Google News ExtremeTech Gravitational wave science gets go-ahead to revolutionize astronomyExtremeTechLet's be honest: while the recently announced […] Read More →

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