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Spain’s loss is the United States’ gain. Juan is such an asset in terms of biotechnology. It was absolutely my pleasure to help an individual of his intellectual caliber come to the US.

Seville, Spain, is world renowned for a specific species of bitter oranges. More than 14,000 bitter orange trees decorate the streets and infuse this charming city with the scent of their blossoms each spring.

The bitter orange is perfect for making marmalade because of its elevated pectin content; however, the fruit most often lies unused in the streets during harvest season because let’s face it, who has time to prepare anything homemade anymore?

In 2010, together with three college classmates, biotech entrepreneur, Juan Diego Cordon Toledano, saw opportunity in the fruit that littered the streets of his hometown and began looking for ways to increase its demand.

“We saw a problem: incredible waste and profit loss to farmers,” Toledano said. “But, instead of stopping there, we looked at it as an opportunity to develop something new.”

Educated in biotechnology and inspired by the fermentation process, Toledano and his peers decided to experiment with fermentation of oranges. After months of work, they arrived at a healthier alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages using fermented orange juice. They discovered that fermented orange juice resembles a Mimosa in flavor with fewer calories and less sugar than regular orange juice. Natural fermentation creates a small amount of alcohol content, making Orange Ferment (Cordon Toledano’s product) a much healthier alternative to orange juice or traditional alcoholic beverages.

“This is a natural, organic product that can be enjoyed during the day,” Toledano said. “It’s refreshing and bubbles…

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