Shmoop Releases New Guides to Holiday Movies

Everything is straightforward, accurate and user-friendly. The content is academically challenging yet written in a way my students and I can understand.

The term “holiday movies” tends to conjure up images of made-for-TV flicks with Candace Cameron Bure and a series of holiday mishaps. But this season, Shmoop (, an award-winning digital publisher, is diving into the less-Lifetime-more-AMC holiday movies of the bunch.

Shmoop’s Movie Learning Guides examine all aspects of classic holiday movies. They analyze Die Hard‘s John McClane as a “reluctant hero” and dig deep into the film’s very Christmasy soundtrack. And for people who think Home Alone was just a silly kids’ movie, Shmoop has an entire section analyzing the story as a defense of the traditional American Christmas. Who knew Joe Pesci could be so deep?

Shmoop even tackles the ultimate Christmas classic: It’s a Wonderful Life. Once its copyright ran out, the movie was picked up and packaged as Christmas programming by cash-strapped public television stations, who couldn’t afford expensive, flashy Christmas specials starring Lori Loughlin. By the time its copyright was restored in 1993, millions of families had already made it their holiday tradition to watch this flick. Shmoop adds even more to the conversation, including an analysis of the cast, genre, production studio, and more.

Stacey Carlough, a teacher in Philadelphia, is a big fan of Shmoop’s content. “Everything is straightforward, accurate and user-friendly,” she says. “The content is academically challenging yet written in a way my students and I can understand.”

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