Seattle income tax: Readers weigh in

Earned income

I read with interest the article in The Seattle Times regarding the proposed income tax on the wealthy.

This article reported that a 2 percent tax would be placed on “residents” of Seattle who have an income above $250,000 ($500,000 for joint filers). It mentioned that there are approximately 11,000 individuals in Seattle who earned at least $250,000 in 2015. There are approximately 700,000 residents in Seattle, so it’s very hard to believe such a small number of residents make this amount of money. The article goes on to say that this would apply only to residents and not to people who work and earn their money in Seattle.

I would be interested to know how many nonresidents make their money in Seattle but don’t “reside” here. This is nothing more than an increase in the property tax of people who reside and make their living in Seattle. A better measure would be on income “earned” in Seattle.

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Once again the tax-hungry council is pulling the wool over our eyes.

Michael Hosterman, Seattle



The Seattle City Council’s proposed income-tax increase reflects a concerning attitude in our government — that if someone has money, the city is naturally entitled to a cut.

The council can only hope that Seattle citizens look beyond the absence of any plan on how it would use our money in a productive way. In what other industry would this lack of accountability be taken for granted as acceptable?

American tradition teaches us that “we the people” own that which we imagine with our minds and build with our hands, and that because of this right, we have the opportunity to create good lives for ourselves.

This is in stark contrast to the mindset of our current city council that a citizen should be taxed simply because he has money and that the council isn’t obligated to offer any other reason.

Tessa Rath, Seattle


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