Sean Spicer Promoted at White House

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer will soon be taking on a new role at the White House.  

In his new role, Spicer will oversee all White House communications operations, including the Press Office.

Spicer’s new role is considered a promotion to a position that is at the level of a Deputy Chief Of Staff and while his actual title has yet to be determined “Deputy Chief of Staff for White House Communications” has been kicked around. 

With this change, Spicer will assume a supervisory role over both the Press Office and the Communications office.

Traditionally, in the White House organizational chart, there are separate roles and independent staffs for the Press Secretary and Communications Director. In the early days of the Administration, Spicer was filling both roles. Michael Dubke was hired as Communications Director, but since his departure last month, Spicer has again been filling both roles.

Also not determined yet is who will take over as Press Secretary, though President Trump is confident in the abilities of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and seems to be pleased with having her at the podium.  

While the President would still like Spicer to do briefings from time to time (perhaps once a week), Spicer’s preference is to work solely behind the scenes.  It’s no secret he does not enjoy the press briefings.  In his time at the RNC and in Congress, he was always the behind-the-scenes strategy guy as the daily spotlight does not appeal to him.

The discussion to make changes came right after President Trump’s firing of then FBI Director James Comey.  The President felt the communications and press shops dropped the ball (even though he only gave them about an hour to get a plan in place) and that a new organizational structure needed to be put in place.

No set time for a hard transition to the new structure has been determined and it’s likely we may see a “soft roll” to the new organizational chart over the next few weeks. 

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