Seahawks mailbag: Evaluating Richard Sherman’s future and possible Seattle compensatory picks

If the Seahawks let Richard Sherman walk in free agency, could the compensatory be more valuable than a potential return in a trade?

With a tiny little lull in the NFL calendar — things will heat up again in two weeks when the NFL Combine is held in Indianapolis — it’s time to answer a few questions from Twitter about the Seahawks. And as always, you can send yours to @bcondotta.

A: Sherman’s situation is pretty cut and dry at this point with just one year left on his contract. He has a $13.2 million cap number for 2018, of which $2.2 million is dead money, meaning Seattle could save $11 million by releasing or trading him, either before June 1 or after.

But while I understand why having $11 million extra to spend in free agency might be tempting, I don’t really get the idea of just cutting Sherman.

If Richard Sherman is healthy — and he said last week he will be and other than this one injury he’s been exceedingly durable so there’s good reason to think he’ll recover as he says he will — then I don’t see how the Seahawks aren’t better off keeping him.

In other words, what are you going to get for $11 million in free agency that could help you more than a healthy Richard Sherman?

And if Sherman doesn’t re-sign with the Seahawks and goes elsewhere in free agency next year, then the Seahawks can be pretty certain of getting a third-round compensatory in 2020, which might be better than what you’d get if you tried trading him right now (and remember that comp picks can now be traded, making them a little more valuable to compile).

Since the Seahawks’ brass has said almost nothing since the season ended, it’s hard to get a complete read on their thought process on a lot of these things. But my view is that Sherman is likely to be with the…

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