Review: Sci-fi book ‘Terminal Alliance’ offers great adventure

By Terri Leblanc, correspondent

Nov 18, 2017 at 6:19 pm | Print View

Jim C. Hines is known for his work in the fantasy world — recreating known worlds or adding fantastical elements to known worlds. The Princess series takes well-known fairy tales and casts the helpless princesses as kick-ass heroines who write their own happy endings. The Magic Ex Libris series covers urban fantasy and fulfills every bookworm’s dream of bringing their favorite objects to life while examining topics such as diversity and human rights.

“Terminal Alliance” is a jump for Hines, this time into the realm of science fiction, space opera specifically, as he charts the journey of very heroic space janitors. Yes, space janitors.

Hines has tackled tough issues for several years via his blog. As he has continued his writing career, readers have seen those issues become layered into his stories.

In this new science fiction series, Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse, he asks his readers, “What does it mean to be human?” When asking this question, Hines creates new worlds populated by strange nonhumanoid-looking aliens who think humans are beneath them. Part “Star Trek” and part “Galaxy Quest,” “Terminal Alliance” follows Marion “Mops” Adamopoulos and her crew of space janitors, plus one genial alien, on their quest to determine the truth about the downfall and apparent rescue of the human race from a disease that sounds like something out of “The Walking Dead.”

Overall the story and adventure in “Terminal Alliance” is great. The mystery surrounding what happened on Earth during first contact is revealed in a way that’s not too slow or not too fast. Mops always seems to be on top of what the reader is thinking. She is a strong leader and does her best to put on a strong face for her crew, and there were times where her vulnerability shows as well. This made her…

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