Read About the Vastu Tips That Can Help You Overcome the Negative Influences on You

Vastu, the science of architecture, is the traditional Hindu way of architecture that was derived from the texts of Rig-Veda. In ancient times it was only the Hindu temples that were constructed as per the Vastu guidelines. It is only since 1960s the principles of Vastu gained popularity and these days Vastu principles are being followed for while constructing homes and offices. According to Vastu there are five basic elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. Among all the planets there is life only in earth because there is a perfect balance of these five elements. In Vastu Shastra, these five elements are balanced in such a manner that an individual can have the best influences of these elements. In Vastu it is believed that if you can construct a building with the proper balance of these five basic elements, you can attain prosperity, peace, good health, and success. So if you can follow the Vastu Shastra tips, you can actually achieve success and peace of mind. To help you get over the bad influences and get benefitted we are providing some effective Vastu tips.
Vastu for home – For peace and prosperity of your family you have to follow the vastu tips for home. According to vastu principles, east is the most auspicious direction and hence the entrance of your home should be on the east side. If you want eliminate the influence of negative energy on your house, you have to make sure that shadow of any tree does not fall on your house and there is no cactus plant in your house. You need to arrange the doors in such a way that all doors open inside the rooms. The north side which is considered to be the side of prosperity should never be blocked. The bathroom, kitchen and pooja rooms should not be close to each other.
Vastu for office – According to the vastu tips for office, you need to have a square plot for setting up an office. Make sure that top executives who take the strategic decisions for the company sit at the south or west or at the…

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