R3 Stem Cell Now Offering Complimentary Upcoming Webinar on Avoiding Surgery with Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy

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The webinar will have extensive information on amniotic stem cell therapy explained in layman’s terms. We will answer your questions as well!

R3 Stem Cell is now offering a free webinar titled “The 411 on Avoiding Surgery with Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy.” The webinar will take place Tuesday, June 27th at 8:00 PM EST (5:00 PM PST). Individuals can easily sign up HERE.

The webinar will be hosted by R3 Stem Cell CEO David Greene, MD, MBA. R3’s nationwide Centers of Excellence have performed thousands of amniotic stem cell cases nationwide with excellent outcomes reported and no adverse events.

“With the vast amount of misinformation being generated online about amniotic stem cell therapy, we feel it’s important to fully present the facts and available evidence. What people will see and hear involves research and scientific information in layman’s terms so they will then be able to make an informed decision about their best treatment options!” explained Dr. Greene.

He goes on, “We have seen competitors proliferate myths and inaccurate information without full data about amniotic therapy, and we know the public deserves better.”

There is no charge for the webinar, and viewers will receive a large special bonus offer at the end. The webinar is easily viewable on one’s computer using the link sent after registering. During the live webinar, individuals will be able to ask as many questions as desired.

Topics covered will include FAQ’s, cell counts with amniotic therapy, insurance coverage, IRB research, outcomes with the treatment, comparisons to other methods and much more. People will be educated consumers after viewing the webinar, which will also be available on…

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