Psychologist Empowers Women How to Find “Mr. Right”

The classic story of “The Frog Prince” provides an idealistic notion of Prince Charming, but it doesn’t consider that women could mistakenly fall for a horrible nasty toxic toad masquerading as a frog. Psychologist Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones helps women, who struggle to find their handsome prince, and have relationships that always end the same way, to discover what it is that is holding them back from kissing the frog who will turn into their perfect prince in “Stop Kissing Toads: Pucker Up and Find Your Handsome Prince.”

“Stop Kissing Toads” encourages safe dating and warns readers about toxic men and unsuitable partnerships. A psychologist and relationship therapist for over 10 years, Elizabeth provides practical advice and information for discerning frogs—men who can offer a healthy relationship – from toads – abusive unhealthy men. Elizabeth also offers tips for women who are looking to break the cycle of repeated failed relationships and provides insight on overcoming harmful dating patterns.

“I’ve worked with many women who have repeatedly failed in their relationships with men, are worried that they will never find someone to share their life with, will keep repeating the same mistakes and be hurt in the same ways,” Elizabeth said. “Stop Kissing Toads empowers you to know what you should look for right from the first date. I show women the warning signs in the things he might say, conversations you should have and patterns of behavior he displays.”

“Stop Kissing Toads” empowers women to make healthy relationship choices so they can know and love themselves, stop kissing toads and find their handsome prince. For more information on the author and book, please visit, or

“Stop Kissing Toads: Pucker…

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