Pregnancy symptoms before and after period and signs of pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered to be bliss. Nothing could give more joy than bringing a new life into the world. However, there are times, when a woman is unable to understand whether at all she is pregnant or not. This is generally the case in rural areas where the women are not aware about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. This at times leads to depression and a feeling of hopelessness. Through proper information and education, this can be taken under control. Signs and symptoms of pregnancy are never the same for two women. But, even then, there are a few, which are common to all women. These could be enumerated as follows:

Morning sickness is one symptom that starts showing between the fourth week and eighth week of pregnancy. The majority of women find this symptom two weeks after conception. This sickness can occur anytime of the day. The symptom gives the impression of the rapid secretion of estrogen in the body. Another very common symptom that almost all women tend to have is that of nausea. Dairy products, meat products and spicy foods are some of the factors that could induce nausea and this sickness. The woman seems to feel quite uneasy and vomits at regular intervals.

The next sign of pregnancy could be the tenderness of breasts. This could be detected best when a woman goes to sleep. The breasts become tender and swollen. Even at the time of taking a shower, exercising or even buying dresses, this symptom could be detected. This happens, since the breasts start preparing milk for the bay. Darkening of nipples is also a sign of pregnancy, which have been noticed in a number of women.

Cramping in the lower tummy and / or light bleeding can also be considered to be a symptom of pregnancy. This happens as an indication of the implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall. The cramping takes place, as the uterus enlarges and makes space for the fetus to fit in. apart from this, missed / skipped menstrual flow, and increased urination are among other…

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