Pooki’s Mahi® Extends Instagram Peaberry Kona Coffee Subscriptions Campaign

Save $15 on Six-Month Peaberry Kona Coffee Subscriptions with Promo Code 2018Instagood15

Customers who cannot pay $2.00 per coffee pod is not a fit for Pooki’s Mahi Peaberry 100% Kona coffee. Cheap Kona coffee does not exist. Pooki’s Mahi is a luxury private label coffee brand fit for custom products, hotels, personalized gifts, corporate kitchens and professional sports teams.

Silicon Valley startup Pooki’s Mahi® announced today single-origin coffee drinkers can save $15 on a six-month coffee subscription to one of the most expensive 100% Kona coffee, Pooki’s Mahi Peaberry Kona coffee pods.

The Silicon Valley high tech food and beverage campaign launched several social media campaigns to drive interest to select 100% Kona coffee pods. The Instagood15 campaign runs through to March 25, 2018. Customers can save $15 on six-month coffee plans with promo code 2018Instagood15.

Pooki’s Mahi Founder/CEO Les Magsalay-Zeller says, “Pooki’s Mahi Peaberry Kona coffee pods are very popular with Pooki’s Mahi customers. Pooki’s Mahi rare Peaberry Kona coffee sells out faster than 100% Kona coffee pods or Kona Decaf coffee sales. Pooki’s Mahi ran several campaigns on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to expand brand awareness. I’m extending the Instagram15 campaign to analyze brand awareness for luxury single-origin coffee pods from new coffee subscription customers.”

The Silicon Valley high tech executive explains, “I recommend new customers to conduct their own research before purchasing Kona coffee. Pooki’s Mahi offers the best Kona coffee price at $2.00 per pod with shipping included. Each single serve is individually wrapped with fresh roasted coffee in a mesh pod. Pods less than $2.00 each contain…

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