People Are Accusing Parents With A Family “Prank” YouTube Channel Of Child Abuse

1. A recent “kids prank” video uploaded to the channel DaddyOFive has raised a lot of concern and criticism from the YouTube community. The video has since been deleted — but not before popular YouTube commentator Philip DeFranco pulled footage from it and called the stunt possible child abuse.

The original DaddyOFive video was apparently published on April 12 and shows Mike and Heather Martin — the parents of five — pouring invisible ink on their youngest son Cody’s bedroom carpet before accusing him of making the mess.

DeFranco’s video response and recap pulled clips from that video in which mom Heather is seen screaming obscenities at Cody as she accuses him of creating the ink-stained mess. In the clip, Cody cries hysterically as he denies the accusation, but the parents continue their “prank” by calling him a liar.

“It’s just a prank, bruh,” Cody’s dad Mike says eventually.

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Shortly after publishing, the DaddyOFive video drew enough criticism that the parents uploaded another video responding to “the haters.” (That one has also been deleted, but other YouTubers have since re-uploaded it to the site.)

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The follow-up video from DaddyOFive featured the Martins with all five of their children denouncing any accusations of exploitation or abuse of their children, and describing any concern as “hate.”

“A lot of people don’t get it, a lot of people don’t get the humor,” Mike says in the clip.

Heather jumps in and claims the accusations are creating the only issue for their children. “To all you haters, you’re the ones who give our children drama,” she said.

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2. DeFranco, who was alarmed by both the ink prank video and their follow-up response, dug deeper into their channel and found other instances that he believed were cause for concern.


“As someone who was abused in their childhood, there are multiple ways to abuse your kid,” DeFranco says in his video. “There’s mentally and there’s physically.”

DeFranco pulls footage from other DaddyOFive videos that suggest their pranks regularly target Cody — who seems the most resistant to and outspoken against the pranks.

In one prank clip, Cody is seen being shoved into a bookcase.

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3. After DeFranco’s video and allegations went viral, YouTube account Drama Alert interviewed parents Mike and Heather. The couple denied any…

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