Other Diabetes Symptoms You Should Know

Diabetes is the third-largest killer for human which is ranked only second to cancer. People are familiar with it’s mainly symptoms. But before these symptoms appear, there are some of the clinical manifestations which are easy to let people overlooked. If you do not pay attention, it may be affected by illness adversely.

Genital itching

A middle-aged woman often feels genital itching for a long time. The result of the treatment is the colpomycosis. She used all the various suppository lotion and other anti-fungal medication, but itching is unabated. In desperation, she went to the gynecological governance, and the test results make the patient very surprise, because of her blood sugar has arrived at three plus sign in two hours after a meal. After further diagnosis, she was type 2 diabetes. So experts remind that if a middle-aged woman has genital itching for a long time without healing, she could test the blood sugar.

Skin itching

Although a middle-aged male patient is thin, he felt that he is healthy and disease-free, but in recent years, he suffered from intractable itching of the skin, after eating a variety of drugs and topical liniment, he still has no improvement. He went to the hospital for an examination which found his blood sugar is very high. The reason of skin itching is due to dry skin after suffering from diabetes for long-term dehydration. Experts said that middle age people have the skin itching without any reasons, he should rule out the possibility of diabetes at first, and then choose the right way to treat.

Hair loss

A 17-year-old Anhui nanny, this is the age of bushy, but her hair was dry and yellow. Even on the top of her head is naked. After each bath, shedding hair could be seen in the bath everywhere. After diabetes test strips, the little nanny in fact is suffering from type 1 diabetes insulin secretion absolute reduction. The hair loss is mainly because of diabetes caused long-term malnutrition alopecia. Diabetes is a chronic…

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