Operational Risk Management Expert Rick Grantom Visits Certrec’s Fort Worth Offices to Record Certrec®TV Videos

“We are very excited to have someone with Rick’s experience in the studio recording videos,” commented Enos. “I am thrilled to have a platform where he can share his insights and knowledge with the nuclear industry.”

Certrec, a leading licensing and regulatory compliance service provider that supports NRC and NERC compliance, announced today that operational risk management expert Rick Grantom visited the Certrec®TV studio to record videos about a wide variety of topics.

In October 2017, Certrec released a brand-new, first-of-its-kind tool, Certrec®TV, to assist its clients in sharing information and knowledge through the use of Just in Time videos. Each three-to-five minute video is presented by a seasoned industry expert who shares their thoughts, insights, and explanations of complex industry issues. From discussion of Defense in Depth to good practices for meeting with inspectors, Just in Time videos are invaluable as a refresher or for new staff.

“We have pioneered the development of Certrec®TV with a goal of gathering industry information. The feedback and interest in being a part of this new way of sharing has been amazing to watch. We are excited for the future of Certrec®TV,” said Ted Enos, Certrec President.

Mr. Grantom, an operational risk management consultant specializing in the development and application of technical risk management programs, received a degree in Nuclear Engineering. Early in his career, he was employed by the General Electric Company and was involved in the design and construction of GE’s boiling water reactors. He was employed at the South Texas Project for 33 years where he held various positions related to probabilistic risk assessment and operational risk management,…

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