Not merely an iTunes Alternative for Windows

iTunes has become synonymous with Apple ever since its release. Apart from its purpose as a music listening software, it has become the default application for Apple users for interfacing with their iPhones and iPads. While there are tons of amazing features in iTunes, it can be a nightmare for people who use Windows. iTunes syncs amazingly well with Apple products, but when it comes to Windows, there are several issues that come up. Many Windows users find themselves frustrated with the fact that iTunes works very slowly when used on a PC. But a solution has been created to solve these issues, and that solution might be the WinXMediaTrans for Windows PC. But is that only what it is or is there more to WinXMediaTrans that meets the eye? We take a good look at this software in this review so we can find out.

WinXMediaTrans Review

WinXMediaTrans is a software developed by Digiarty Software. It is a file transfer tool made for Windows users for transferring media files such as photos, videos, songs, etc. from their iPhones or iPads to their PC. Transferring files from your iPhone or iPad to your PC can be a huge headache, and we have, all been there at one time or the other. One would wonder why it’s so easy to transfer files from Android to PC but not on your iPhone or iPad to PC. The WinxMediaTrans claims to be the software to do just that.

But is there more to this software than just transferring files? The WinxMediaTrans can also help in sending voice memos from Apple devices to PC and can remove DRM from purchases made on iTunes. It also acts as a media manager where you can delete media files, create playlists and even make your iPhone into a flash drive.

Installation and Operating System

WinXMediaTrans is a small software and can be downloaded almost instantly if you have a decent internet connection. The installation process is quite simple and takes very less time. There is no need to click on endless pop ups asking you to…

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