New Survey Reveals That Cash Flow Concerns Cause 3 in 4 Small Businesses to Delay Routine Purchases

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Access to credit by borrowing on business credit cards and being able to obtain business loans to supplement existing credit lines are essential to keep the businesses afloat and invest in new products and services to keep them growing and profitable.

In spring 2017, Mercator Advisory Group fielded a web-based survey of U.S. small businesses (between $500 thousand and $5 million annual sales) regarding payment acceptance, B2B payments and use of banking services and alternative lenders. Business Credit Cards and B2B Payments: More Credit, Please is the second of three reports summarizing the results of the 2017 Small Business Payments and Banking Survey.

The survey finds that cash flow issues are an overriding concern for most small businesses in the United States. In fact, 3 in 4 small businesses have had to delay routine purchases at least once or twice a year because of cash flow management issues. This concern causes small businesses to use credit lines wherever they can, seeking more generous credit lines from business credit cards and loans from banks, nonbanks, and alternative lenders


Nearly all of the respondents to the survey have some type of business account with a financial institution, including 8 in 10 who have a business credit or charge card. Less than half of them claim to pay their balance in full every month. Small businesses are less likely than consumers to pay their credit card bill in full every month.

Small businesses are hungry for credit and often supplement their business credit lines by using personal cards or funds. It’s not always easy for small businesses to obtain the credit they need, when they need it, particularly newer companies that…

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