New Header Bidding OrbitSoft Ad Server Software Helps Buyers & Sellers Earn More

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“With our new Header Bidding Ad Server software everybody wins,” said Iakov Lurye of announced a new kind of advertising software that may have a very significant impact on the way Internet marketing now works, by allowing independent Publishers and Advertisers to remove middle men from their dealings on a daily basis. Header Bidding OrbitSoft Ad Server Software delivers ad inventory from advertisers to the publisher sites directly, and allows publishers to conduct a complete ad inventory auction on their sites among several advertisers simultaneously without the need for any third party brokers or outside partners. It’s the simple, fast and effective solution for every Publisher seeking secure software solutions independently.

“By providing advertising capabilities for many buyers simultaneously, publishers can objectively determine their true ad inventory value, and Header Bidding makes that all possible for independent network owners who previously relied on third party brokers,” explained Iakov Lurye, CEO of “Analyzing the demand, a publisher can easily choose the highest rate and increase the profitability of each ad sold by as much as 30% compared to the traditional approach according to preliminary reports from our clients.”

Honest buyers and ethical sellers always benefit from improved transparency in their business dealings. OrbitSoft Ad Server Header Bidding software creates a more transparent way of working together, since the advertiser (or DSP) can finally work directly with publishing partners and eliminate the complexity of communicating via intermediaries.

“The moment each user loads a page, the…

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