New Fitness App Charges By The Minute For Gym Access

Gym lovers will no longer need to have joined a particular fitness club to access it. POPiN, a new app that removes the barriers to accessing fitness spaces, offers a flexible pay-per-minute method as a supplement to any user’s regular workout plan.

A variety of fitness apps have emerged with aims to enhance how individuals workout. While not a direct competitor to subscription-based apps like ClassPass, POPiN offers a cheaper alternative for those looking to get the most out of their workout experience. 

“POPiN isn’t a replacement for a regularly used gym membership. It’s really more of a supplement,” Dani Richmand, a marketing and media relations representative for POPiN, told International Business Times Tuesday. “Most of our users have gym memberships they are happy with. They use POPiN when their gym isn’t convenient. For example, while traveling or commuting for work.  Some POPiN users have even selected to join gyms on our platform.”

Many POPiN users may possess gym memberships, but this isn’t a requirement to access the app. POPiN allows its users to find premium gyms nearby that accommodate an individual’s schedule and wallet. With per-minute rates between $0.14 and $0.26, a 45-minute workout would cost anywhere between $6.30 and $11.70. It also allows users to mix up their regular regimen. 

POPiN users check into a participating gym by scanning a QR code. The app keeps track of the user’s time at the facility until they return to the front desk to check out. POPiN will then calculate the total an individual owes for their workout in the app. 

The app’s features are only accessible at six New York City gyms at this time, but two additional gyms will be available through the app soon. There are also potential plans to expand to other metropolitan cities, including the on the West Coast. 

“POPiN is looking at the west coast as a possible next destination,” Richmand told IBT. “Until then, the focus is on perfecting the model in New York and…

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