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A new club made its way into Texoma at the end of April. The Texoma Film Club is a weekly film program that hopes to immerse spectators in cultural, creative, community and personal development.

The club is a Denison Arts Council project that works with the Denison Public Library.

“We’re introducing audiences to different audiovisual works through an organized and prepared program of screenings,” cleb representative Carla Diaz said. “To learn through and about cinema.”

The group meets at 5 p.m. Thursdays at the Denison library, which is located at 300 W. Gandy.

“This is a very fresh program, although the idea will not change, we sought to screen films which would otherwise not be shown in mainstream cinemas — that’s the whole point of a film club,” Diaz said. “Also because it’s new, assistance has been low, but is increasing. The key to success for any cultural program is perseverance. It is necessary to engage audiences that not only come to watch the films, but demand the best of worldwide filmmaking.”

First, the club chooses a subject or genre to watch and then they choose critically acclaimed films within that category.

“Many film clubs discuss movies after watching them, we’re not doing that yet,” Diaz said. “As we’re trying to engage audiences during these first months, we’re bringing forward very American genres: first musicals, now Film Noir, then we’ll go for western. Once the topic has been decided, research is made to find out what critics consider the best representatives and what their input in the history of the cinema is, in order to show only the best.”

Diaz said that one of the reasons the club was created is because art should be shared and within everyone’s reach.

“Art sensitizes us and makes us better human beings,” she said. “But art, as much as individual taste, is subjective. I do not have the ability, nor the professional…

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