NATIONAL RUNNERS-UP: LCHS archery team finishes second in national tourney – again

For the second year in a row, the Lincoln County High School archery team collected a national runner-up finish at the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) IBO 3D Challenge.
Lincoln racked up a total score of 1,716 to land the team second behind champion Hartland High School of Michigan Saturday at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. Hartland, which finished third behind Lincoln last year, won this year’s national title with a team score of 1,733. Missouri’s Carl Junction High School and Kentucky’s Trigg County High School finished tied for third place with 1,714. The Carolina Warriors Homeschool Archery team of South Carolina rounded out the top five with 1,713.
In all, there were 108 teams competing in the national tourney.
“The kids shot great. We had a 294, then a 292, 290 … I mean, it was really good scores at the top,” Lincoln coach Ricky Mullins said of Lincoln’s 24-member team. “They did good. We’re a small team but they did good.”
“The team that beat us, we notched them by one point last year but they have 70 to 80 kids to choose from to make a team,” he said.  
Teams like Hartland also have dedicated facilities for the sport of archery.
“It’s unreal their setup,” said Mullins. “These schools all have their own place to practice. They have like 30 targets lined up for all their kids to shoot, to move more people in. I was talking to the Trigg coach and I said ‘I’ve got eight targets that I shoot at one time and that’s all I’ve got.’ The kids shoot then they back off and somebody else steps in. It’s crowded and you can’t really work with one kid a lot because there are so many people in there.  We want a facility. We want a building we can set 30 targets up in. That way I can shoot 60 kids at a time. It would help.”
In the IBO 3-D Challenge, archery teams of 6-24 students (with at least two being of the opposite gender) shoot at targets placed along a diagonal line ranging in…

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