My French Cellar Taps Solyo To Make Their Wine Bottles Smarter

“Solyo makes any product smarter and sets a new standard for customer engagement practice.”

Connecting the “Smart Product” technology of Solyo with the high-touch business of My French Cellar delivers truly remarkable interactivity with wine lovers around the globe. Using the Solyo platform and NFC or QR tags, each bottle can engage a unique conversation with consumers, tailored to each moment of their needs: in store or at home.

  • In a store, bottles will typically present pre-sales information with enlightening details, telling stories, presenting ratings, tasting note or e-coupon relevant to specific stores.
  • At home, richer content is made available such as videos of vineyards, the wine maker or the various awards won over the years. Solyo also delivers “Add to cart” buttons from retailers or stores nearby to expedite the refill.

My French Cellar helps wine professionals to import and distribute French wines in the US. They orchestrate the entire importation and distribution. Thanks to Solyo, a story now comes across the ocean with the bottle, a story about people, places, time and culture.

“We want our customers to truly connect with the wines we represent, to form a bond with the vineyard itself, the wine maker, the winery and their history. Solyo gives us the platform to quickly and effectively bring robust, interactive experiences directly to the mobile devices of our customers, in the comfort of their own home. Together, My French Cellar and Solyo are delivering the next-generation experiences that delight customers and generate significant additional sales for all our partners and retailers” states Delphine Le Devehat, founder and CEO of My French Cellar.

She continues, “Our clients are facing tremendous pressures…

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