Musical Pairing® Announces the Granting of US Patent No. 20160110450 for their Mathematically-Based Technique of Matching Music with Food to Affect Culinary Experiences

photo credit: Robert M. Bernstein

“It would be easy to give up when a patent can take so long, but I believed in the process and I’m thrilled that we were granted patent protection. We’ve already begun our next phase of testing – using overhead sound systems directly in restaurants,” said Werner innovator of Musical Pairing

Musical Pairing®, now a patented method, elevates dining by correlating music and food using a simple mathematical formula. The pairing is accomplished by assigning a numerical value to specific components of food and/or beverages, then allocating a musical piece of equal value to that food. This information is then transmitted via computer or device. Chef and author Barbara Werner formulated this methodology to help individuals elevate their dining experience.

In the method of Musical Pairing, music is matched with food/beverages based on specific attributes (values). Food is valued first, followed by beverages and lastly, the music. In essence, foods are given a “weight” based on protein, sauce, cooking method and perception of spice. This is matched to music of equal weight based on tempo, genre, frequency, primary instrument and amplitude. The proper matching is used to create a positive effect upon the perception of flavors of the food and drinks. This data is entered into a device to provide the music paired to the specific food, maintaining a desired level of taste. This includes the interface, protocol, and support for interconnecting the musical pairing system to a computing platform.

Ms. Werner and her team are using this methodology to run testing using overhead sound systems in restaurants. Research trials have already begun in local restaurants in New York, including…

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