Michael Grimm has some advice for President Trump’s woes

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Former Rep. Michael Grimm has penned a letter of advice to President Donald Trump, suggesting he “go on the offense” against Democrats who seek to destroy him, seeing, as Grimm put it, “they have employed the ‘play book’ that they regularly use on opponents.”

Grimm, a two-term Republican who in January 2015 left office under a cloud after winning a third term under indictment, wrote a letter and circulated it to news outlets Friday, offering Trump a word of advice on how to deal with opponents.

“The president is under heavy attack with every element of opposition power against him, and from every angle: the media, the Democrats, Hollywood, the Establishment and the deeply rooted bureaucrats in every agency that actually regulates the entire country,” Grimm writes. “However, after a deep breath and employing a little introspection, then accepting that they must right their ship, the White House needs to deploy every tool and arsenal at its disposal to go on offense.”

This week the former congressman’s request to have the suspension of his law license lifted, was denied, as a court extended it, allowing Grimm to apply for a reinstatement in March 2019.

Having pleaded guilty to a single count of tax evasion in December 2014 shortly after winning a third term, Grimm was sentenced to 8 months in jail, a term that was cut short when he was released in May 2016.

Since then, Grimm has appeared in the community on Staten Island, attending events, including staying by the side of mentor and former borough president and congressman, Guy Molinari, when he did a book signing in December.

Grimm has also been rumored to be weighing a run against Borough President James Oddo for the office.

Grimm’s unedited advice column to the president appears below:

The Democrats smell blood in the water and they are excellent at closing. Now more than ever, the bold leadership of President Trump is needed, but an adjustment to his style may very well be…

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