MediSolutions Expands its Offering with MediVRx and New Executive Leadership

Neil Keene, President of MediSolutions

“We believe virtual reality will be a key differentiator in patient treatment and overall disease management,” said Neil Keene, President.

MediSolutions is leading change at the point of care yet again, with the launch of MediVRx. MediVRx will use cutting-edge technology to enhance the way physicians and patients interact. Effective immediately, Neil Keene will serve as the company’s President and Brian Peet will serve as Executive Vice President of Commercial Innovation. These appointments are key to furthering the MediSolutions’ mission to bring MediVRx to the forefront of patient education, care and adherence.

MediVRx, slated to launch in March of 2018, is a virtual reality educational system designed to take advantage of real time data to improve education at the point of care. The broad library of topics is growing daily and addresses many critical healthcare needs in the market, such as diabetes education, a deeper comprehension of cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Early market research has shown 87% of physicians will use this in their practice, with many proclaiming that MediVRx will help their patients better understand diagnoses and potential outcomes.

“We want to partner with the pharmaceutical community to deliver value to physicians and patients with break through point of care options rooted in technology,” said Neil Keene, President. “With over 80% retention rates seen in our research, we believe virtual reality will be a key differentiator in patient treatment and overall disease management.”

Physicians are poised to recognize a lift in adherence as MediVRx fulfills a critical unmet need of knowledge retention. Patients will draw direct a…

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