MBT Maliza contain certain toxic substances in the body

Eating fish on an empty stomach may cause “gout”

Today in the wave of slimming js,
MBT Nama not many people like to eat only food for dinner, eat fish more commonplace things on an empty stomach, but it is likely to cause gout attack. Serum uric acid in gout is caused due to disorders of purine metabolism increase tissue damage caused by the disease. Purine-rich but most of the fish itself, if the large intake of purine-containing fish on an empty stomach, but not enough to break down carbohydrates, body’s acid-base balance disorder, easily induced exacerbation in patients with gout or gout condition.
Experts recommend individuals before eating fish can eat low-fat foods containing carbohydrates, such as grains, buckwheat gruel, taro, insurance excess, dining among edible starchy dishes such as steamed, sweet corn, potato, sweet potato, to balance the pH in the body, reduce the harm of purine, play a role in protecting health.

Live kill eat residue toxin harms the body

Most people believe that eating fresh fish, the better, so live like kill to eat, think so as to ensure the fish is delicious and nutrition. But this is actually a misunderstanding. Whether artificial rearing of fish or wild fish, MBT Maliza contain certain toxic substances in the body. Live kill to eat, fish is often too late to prevent toxic substances, fish parasites and bacteria is not completely dead, these residual toxin is likely to cause harm to the body. In addition, live kill now eat no fish protein completely, inadequate nutritional composition, taste is not the best.
Experts suggest that buying live fish home with water after a day or two and then killed, had killed the fish is the best of immersion in water for an hour or so, so as to minimize the volatile toxins remaining fish, MBT Bomoa reducing the hazards of toxic substances for the body. While cooking the best in fish died a few hours later, because place some time after, connective tissue of the fish begin to soften, became tasty…

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