Mass Effect: Andromeda has performance issues on both Xbox One and the base PS4

With this latest installment in the Mass Effect franchise, BioWare has moved the story 2.5 million light-years away from the controversial ending of the original trilogy. Thanks to a lengthy development period, a new engine, a new crop of consoles, and a fresh narrative start, the expectations of fans are fairly high. We’re all dying to see if BioWare delivered the goods.

Here’s the story: After a 600-year journey, ships from the Milky Way are arriving in Andromeda in the year 2819. The Citadel races (Humans, Turians, Asari, and Salarians) have sent tens of thousands of individuals to colonize planets in a different galaxy, and these poor souls are largely unaware of the giant robotic space squids that their friends and family were inundated with back home. Sadly, things aren’t so rosy in Andromeda either.

The pre-release news cycle was fairly brutal for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it seems that the final reviews were relatively muted. Our sister site IGN gave the game a “Good” score of 7.7/10 on consoles, and that’s largely in line with the critical average. Based on 30 reviews, the PS4 version of Andromeda has earned a 75/100 on Metacritic. The PC and Xbox One versions don’t have quite as many cataloged reviews, but they’re in the mid-to-high 70s as well.

By and large, the biggest criticisms of this new Mass Effect title revolve around the fit and finish. Some of the animations, character models, and even the quest structures seem like they’re straight out of an Xbox 360 game. In spite of making the move to DICE’s impressive Frostbite engine, there are moments that make it seem like we’re looking at a dolled-up UE3 release.

There’s a tone of disappointment that pervades the coverage of Andromeda, and it’s easy…

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