Manitoba RCMP hope they won’t see a fatal crash this weekend — but stats suggest they will – Manitoba

Manitoba RCMP officers are urging drivers to be safe behind the wheel heading into the long weekend after five straight years of highway fatalities.

“Every May long weekend, for the past five years, someone has died, and whether that’s one, or four, or 10, it’s too many,” said Tara Seel, a media relations officer for the RCMP.

RCMP traffic stops during Canada Road Safety Week (includes May long weekend)

For impaired driving charges:

  • 2012: 50
  • 2013: 43
  • 2014: 38
  • 2015: 20
  • 2016: 25

For failing to wear seatbelts:

  • 2012: 90
  • 2013: 68
  • 2014: 39
  • 2015: 35
  • 2016: 19

For speeding:

  • 2012: 665
  • 2013: 746
  • 2014: 524
  • 2015: 668
  • 2016: 468


  • 2012: 1
  • 2013: 3
  • 2014: 4
  • 2015: 1
  • 2016: 2

Source: RCMP of Manitoba

“This is a weekend that people typically are heading out to have some fun and enjoy the beginning of a Manitoba summer and you know, to have tragedy strike when it’s preventable is too bad.”

Anecdotally, Seel said May long weekend is a busy time on provincial highways. Mounties ramp up enforcement for the week leading up to and including the holiday as part of Canada Road Safety Week, which runs from May 16-22 this year.

During that blitz last year, RCMP stopped nearly 500 drivers for speeding and 25 drivers for impaired driving, and two people died in highway collisions.

The weekend’s track record for dangerous driving has some officers worried they’ll see more fatalities this year, Seel said.

“For the last five years on May long weekend, someone’s died, and that means that an RCMP officer has had to go to that scene, and that means an RCMP officer has had to knock on the door of a family,” Seel said.

“So I think it would be disingenuous to say that there isn’t some concern, heading into the long weekend, that that’s going to happen.”

Seel said police are focusing enforcement on the “four main killers”: impaired driving, aggressive driving — including speeding —…

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