Making the Move to a Stand up Desk

If you are offered the chance to switch to a stand up desk it would be a good idea to do so because it is unhealthy for anyone to be sitting excessively. When you use this type of desk you can boost your levels of energy, burn twenty percent more calories than you would just sitting behind your desk all day, and it will also help to tone your muscles. It can also make it more fun to work because using a stand up desk you have the opportunity to move around behind it and even dance a little when no one is watching. You can get in some exercise with this stand up desk when you are not busy working.

If you have never used a stand up desk there are some things that you need to take some things in consideration before you purchase this type of desk so you are assured of getting the best one for your needs.  One of the biggest things that you need to make sure of is that everything about the desk/workstation needs to be the correct height for you.  This includes your monitor, work area, keyboard, and either a tall chair or bar stool or you can sit occasionally and give your legs a break.  It is good to stand but too much standing can cause your legs to feel tired.  This is especially true when you first start using a stand up desk and doing most of your daily work standing up.  When choosing a chair or bar stool make sure that it puts the keyboard at a comfortable height.

Make sure that you have enough work surface to work on because some of the stands up desks only have a work area the size of a small square or postage stamp.  The price of these desks can range from a small amount to a lot, depending on the type that you choose.  It may even be possible to convert your regular desk to a stand up desk so make sure if you can before you spend the money on a new desk.  Another thing to take in consideration is whether you are going to be the only one using the desk or will others be using your stand up desk.  If others are going to use your desk you need to make…

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