Luxurious Crete of Greece – Extending a Tantalizing Welcome!

Greece arouses mixed feeling of joy, rejuvenation and awe when one thinks about it as a destination for luxury Greek holidays. The country is one of the most popular European attractions for leisure and extravagance. Lets us focus our attention on its largest island Crete. If we are to discuss its location, it would be apt to say that Mediterranean Sea is its sanctuary. As far as architecture is considered, the imprints of Roman and Turkish art could be seen all over. Otherwise the Island is every inch a coastal beauty one can imagine with the modernity touching it wherever needed.

Some of the popular tourism places on the Crete include:

– The Minoan Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological museum
– The Samaria Gorge (longest gorge of Europe)
– Beaches of Plakias, Frangokastello, Magkrigialos, Falasarna, etc
– Ruins of Falasarna
– Unoccupied island of Spinalonga
– Ancient Elefterna
– The island of Elafonissi
– Village of Loutro
– Monastery of Arkadi

If you want to enjoy all the above tourist treats offered by Crete, below are two of the most luxury villas in this Island of Greece:

Epavlis Athina

Chanina is the region in which this stunning work of architecture stands surrounded by a fishing village. One of the features that the renters of this villa will fall in love with is, Aegean Sea. Enter in the two bedroom dwelling and the interiors will surely take your breath away. Furnishings, flooring, modern kitchen and all the other facilities make the stay not only lavish but comfortable beyond imagination. The magical place and the romance it kindles are unique in its own accord. The pursuit of getting a secluded way of life even for a small duration is full of promises when one thinks about Crete and this splendour of brick and stone.

Epavlis Eleni

If beach and sunshine are the life you want to escape to, Crete and its opulent villas will more than meet your level of involvement. And, this particular villa is not any exception. Located in Chania (one of the oldest Greek cities)…

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