Look for the Speed for Your Walking

There are different goals in the running.

First of all there is one same goal for the running is that we run for the acceleration of distance so that we can have enough basic endurance.

In the second place there is one same rule for us is that it is very important for the over situation.

Jogging: Jogging will often combine with the long distance. And this is LSD what we said or it is long distance jogging. The long distance jogging is the very important training of marathon every week. We should have a slow running so that we are able to accomplish the task of training. Another reason of slow running is to help our body to make the best use of fat. One change of slow long distance training is to become fast and then most of it is slow speed.

So the slow long running is compulsive. There is different speed of slow long running and because the words of coach are diiferent. There is one standard for the palpitation is the biggest heartbeat. Hal Higdon runs a mile within 3o t0 90 seconds that is to say you will use 20 to 56 seconds in one kilometer. It is slower than that of marathon. At the same time, he thinks it does not the matter how slowly you run. What we should do if we do not know the speed of marathon running.
You can use the speed when you are running as you are speaking to others.

It is very hard to have a slow speed of running to the new comers. It is not very hard for running and that is very hard to stand the slow speed of running. The mood of you is cool and clam down. When you have marathon you should have patience. There is need to push down for you and if you do not do it well you will not make progress in the training. As if there is one football team which is not able to be a good team only to know the nasty attack and not to control overall.

Do a running in a relax mood: As the name suggests the loosened running has standards of feeling. You are able to run as you like when you finish warm exercise. There is speed of running between marathon and…

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